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16) Lastly, what's seemingly “insulting” and “derogatory” to Mr. Doostzadeh and numerous modern day Persian racists with reference to portrayal of Turks in Nizami’s Khamse is in fact very much cherished by All those Turks by themselves – certainly, this is because of unique understanding of the connotations and meanings that Nizami put into that phrase. What's “insulting” into a Persian when Nizami writes a few “Turkish conquest/invasion/incursion” (“Torktaz” and “Torktazi”), is actually appreciated and appreciated by an Azerbaijani, considering the fact that from the whole context of your poems, as is affirmed by scholars, Nizami inputs exclusively optimistic connotation to that word and those seemingly “violent” and therefore “adverse” terms.

نخستين نويسنده‌ي پان‌تركيست مي‌نويسد: «يكي ازاسناد مهمي كه ازحضور اقوام ترك زبان درآذربايجان پيش از اسلام حكايت دارد "اخبار عبدين شريه" [در متن چنين است] است. عبيد در دوره جاهليت در يمن به دنيا آمده و يكي ازمعمرين و جهانديدگان دوره خلافت معاويه بوده است. معاويه اورا به دمشق دعوت كرد و از اخبار عرب و ملوك آن قوم جويا شد و وي به پرسش‌هاي معاويه پاسخ داد. به دستور معاويه اخبار او تدوين گرديد […] درجريان گفتگوي عبيد با معاويه دوبار ازآذربايجان سخن به ميان آمده است.

1) It isn't to get a Persian chauvinist, a non-scholar, to find out, as even these types of genuine Iranian Students as Prof. Talattof accept how definitely tainted Iranian scholarship is and was. Right here’s the suitable estimate from his 2001 e book: “Adhering too rigidly to any point of view may be problematic, nevertheless, as once the editor Pizhman Bakhtiyar gets rid of verses that undermine his interpretation.

Then, I'm sure very effectively that twelfth century Dari is similar to modern Persian, and never reported nearly anything in any other case -- Mr. Doostzadeh ought to halt his affordable insinuations and statements. But inside our discussion we certainly speak a good deal about subtleties and particulars – and therefore, Mr. Doostzadeh’s admission that “Iranians can read Persian language of 12th century with almost no dilemma” with vital term currently being “almost”.

Recall that A different movie concerning the record of Baku oil market starring environment-recognized actors will probably be shot in Hollywood.

Kay, translating names from Cyrillic to English will get translated in a different way. Adil’s Center name is Togrul. He would be the son. You may want to follow up on this Tale- by studying this post:

forty one) Shahryar was an Iranian countrywide and an ethnic Turkic poet. I don't have any difficulty with that. Allows get back again to The difficulty.

Prior to I'm going on, I’d prefer to check with Mr. Doostzadeh to both call me Dr. Baguirov, and not “Mr. Adil” (?!). Adil is a first name, in case he didn’t know, and it’s Semitic (Arabic), like “Ali”. Also, I’d want to inquire for everybody to generally be constructive and also, chorus from generating insulting remarks like “what an significant time fool somebody has to be” or “to show the real stupidity of Mr.

به نِفرين تُرکان زَبان بَرگُشاد // که بی فِتنِه تُرکی زِ مادَر نَزاد//زِ چينی بِجُز چينِ اَبروُ مَخواه //ندارند پِيمان مردم نِگاه // سُخن راست گُفتند پيشينيان // که عَهد و وَفا نيست در چينيان // همه تَنگ چِشمی پَسنديده اند// فَراخی به چَشمِ کَسان ديده اند// خبر نی که مهر شما کين بُوَد// دل تُرکِ چين پُر خَمُ و چين بُوَد// اگر تُرکِ چينی وَفا داشتی // جهان زيرِ چين قَبا داشتی

Indeed as he proceeds, Nizami says that Considering that the story of Lili o Majnoon normally takes spot inside of a desert and since it does not have A great deal elegance and romance in comparison to Khosrow o Shirin and since He's old, he was just a little undecided if he can achieve this endeavor. But then his son urged him on and Nizami Fortunately continues! Therefore the Tale has nothing to carry out with remaining pressured to compose a masterpiece in one language or An additional!. In truth the poets grievance is in regards to the bareness of your Tale and almost nothing to try and do with being compelled! Any one with to start with quality expertise in Persian can see this, but sad to say the absurd promises with the Students with the republic of Azerbaijan knows no certain.

Less than normal faculty districts shouldn’t reward mediocrity with official regard until finally lastly they’ve attained it.

He claimed he skilled A number of Other people check out the tape and requested them, “advise me what quantities you see,” this Call type with similar Positive aspects. Early in his testimony Taylor stated he was ready to detect persons now although the brawl was mainly transpiring.

Mr. Doostzadeh is once more showcasing his issues with comprehension and comprehension of straightforward concepts Discover More when he declares that “That Jalal Khalegh Motlaqi employed lots of editions and a person was the Shahnameh of Moscrow, has no bearing on The problem of Nizamis ethnicity”. In fact, this wasn't claimed – alternatively, I clearly delivered Dr. Motlaq’s assertion to show that 1) even he considers non-Iranian Students as excellent to Iran’s have Regardless of the latter’s native language proficiency advantage, and, two) all Iranians relied on supposedly “tainted” Soviet (Russian) version of Shahnameh – which is definitely pitiful and even preposterous, such a huge nation as Iran, with some of its Associates obsessive about proclaiming everything as Iranian, with a great number of Persian chauvinists all-around, much money, and supposedly loving and cherishing their #one poet, did not have an standard scholarly, tutorial edition of that epic right until 2004! Unbelievable!!!!

I failed to even would like to carry straight from the source these challenges up and I have a great deal far more resources to inject into this article about wide selection of issues. Specially about Oghuz Turks and their habits and lifestyle and a person will clearly see that Nizami did not have nearly anything to complete using this type of team.

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